You will fall for the hidden talents of this subtle and discreet companion.

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MISTER EYEBROW is an artist. Original and discreet, Mister Eyebrow pays attention to little details so that your eyes can be forever framed by naturally designed and perfectly shaped eyebrows.
With a simple stroke of a pencil, your eyes will be subtly stylized and structured. You will have no trouble bewitching anyone lucky enough to cross your path.
A gentle and delicate companion, MISTER EYEBROW has a special talent: being there without being noticed, making you naturally beautiful without looking made up.

• Is looking for a colorless eyebrow fixing pencil
• Likes to have perfectly smooth & fixed eyebrows
• Wants a perfectly natural finish
• Has a weak spot for a soft, non-sticky & comfortable texture

• 1 ultra-natural and delicately glossy transparent shade



Give into the appealing versatility of this virtuoso skin primer.

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MISTER SMOOTH is the ideal partner every woman dreams of.
Thanks to a silky, melt-in texture, he adapts perfectly to discreetly reveal every woman's beauty in all its splendor.
Used daily, he will give you ideally smooth, plumped up and beautifully enhanced skin while delivering unparalleled comfort.

• Is looking for a practical & versatile beauty partner
• Likes to have a smooth & luminous complexion
• Says no to forming pores, fine lines and imperfections
• Will succumb to absolute comfort

1 universal opalescent shade.
An invisible and infallible helper, MISTER SMOOTH is suitable for all skin types and all skin tones.



Rely on the skills of this soft primer with a velvety touch.

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MISTER MAT is a kind and gentle companion holding the secret to a velvety complexion.
Always in tune with your needs, he works so that your skin stays mat while keeping unsightly shine at bay.
This long-term relationship expert will use rare finesse and a silky soft touch to bolster your beauty. Once you commit, you'll never let go...

• Likes to have a perfectly mat, shine-free complexion
• Does not want to choose between pleasure and effectiveness
• Falls in love with the comfort of a soft and silky texture
• Is looking for a partner she can count on throughout the day

• Easy to use • Matifying primer for combination to oily skin • 1 UNIVERSAL SHADE: an invisible and infallible helper, MISTER MAT is suitable for all types of complexion!



Enjoy the gentle pleasures of a summer love all year long.

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MISTER RADIANT leaves you radiant & smiling all year round, as if just back from a sun-filled vacation.
This southern flame has hidden talents: knowing how to give your skin healthy color on a rainy day and a sunny complexion in the winter.
The refreshing texture will leave you enthralled so let him tenderly caress your skin for a naturally glowing and resplendent complexion.

• Dreams of a simply adjustable, sun-infused glow throughout the year
• Says yes to naturally radiant & evenly tanned complexion
• Will appreciate a refreshing feel

• Universal shade
• 3 microspheres for a naturally resplendent and sun-kissed look
• Easily adjustable from natural to tan by multiplying applications



Get hooked on the delicate touch of this touchup expert.

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MISTER PERFECT is a romantic: he has a knack for turning all your clumsy blunders to your advantage!
Always within reach and ready to help you recover from any slipup, Mister Perfect will delicately correct all your faux pas!
He alone knows your flaws and will deftly manage excess makeup so that you always shine in public - as none other than Mrs. Perfect.

• Is looking for an instant eye and lip makeup corrector
• Likes soft and refreshing products
• Dreams of a companion capable of following her anywhere
• Will accept no compromise when it comes effective makeup correction, even with waterproof formulas

• Smart, always ready and easy to use product
• Ideal for all women, especially beginners
• Leaves no residue



Fall for the charm of a partner who will light up your daily routine whenever needed.

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  • Features

Whether you like eventful nights or lead a non-stop hectic lifestyle by day, you must meet MISTER LIGHT.
Thanks to him, you will never have to regret the frantic pace of a busy woman. The fine and fluid texture will erase dark circles and instantly banish signs of fatigue.
Waking up by his side, you will discover his hidden talents: Mister Light will restore luminosity and revitalize your complexion.

• Is looking for a companion capable of correcting all imperfections
• Dreams of a clever and effective "shadow chaser" product
• Loves to have illuminated eyes and an even complexion
• Says no to signs of fatigue

• All skin types
• Practical & easy to use corrective pen
• 6 shades

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